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One Direction and Ed Sheeran want to boost your self-esteem, girl

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One Direction and Ed Sheeran want to boost your self-esteem, girl

Oh, girl. You STILL don't know you're beautiful? Don't blame Cosmo and Glamour et cetera -- or the crippling neuroses you've been developing since childhood. Maybe you just don't have enough One Direction in your life. Because these five moppets, they can see just how wonderful you are -- especially if you buy their records -- and like impeccably dressed puppies they'll love you unconditionally. For reference, please see their breakout hit, the self-explanatory "What Makes You Beautiful." And, as of today, their latest single, "Little Things" -- an Ed Sheeran-penned track that also happens to celebrate the so-called imperfections you probably didn't notice you had. But they noticed, girl, and they think they're beautiful.

"I know you've never loved/ The crinkles by your eyes when you smile," goes the first verse. (A subtle reference to Harry Style's rumoured teen romance with a certain 30-something TV presenter?) "You've never loved/ Your stomach or your thighs/ The dimples in your back/ At the bottom of your spine/ But I'll love them endlessly."

Featuring hushed vocals and the simple accompaniment of an acoustic guitar, the song is a bit of a switch-up for the boisterous boy band, who release second album, Take Me Home, next month. Effectively, it sounds like an Ed Sheeran song -- fitting considering the singer-songwriter (and newly announced Taylor Swift tour mate) wrote the track. Sheeran and the 1D boys are old friends -- he contributed a song, "Moments," to the group's last effort and he even used to crash on the couch of a 1D touring band member before he broke through with 2011 album +.

"Little Things," Sheeran recently revealed to UK radio station Capital FM, wasn't written specifically for One Direction, though. The song, he explained, was written when he was 17 -- but when the band heard him play the tune in studio, they jumped right on it.

"It was one of five songs that I gave to them which made the album," Sheeran told Capital FM. "There's another one on there as well," he continued.

(As Sheeran told Dose.ca this spring, he's typically protective of his songs, but he made an exception for the guys in 1D. "They're hard core, man, those guys. They're cool," he said. " I wouldn't necessarily do that with any other bands.")

Speaking about "Little Things" with Capital FM, Sheeran said: "I think they just wanted to try something different. I think they did the same formula with the last single -- it sounded like a One Direction song," he said, referring to Take Me Home's lead offering, "Live While We're Young." "And now I think they want to switch it up a bit."

You can listen to One Direction's "Little Things" below. The group's new album, Take Me Home, arrives November 13.