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Katy Perry hides under table to avoid Russell Brand

Celebrities: they’re just like us — they hide when they’re exes are in earshot!

Katy Perry recently ducked under a table when she ran into her ex, Russell Brand, according to reports.

Sources say that Perry and hew new-ish beau, John Mayer, were recently spotted dining at The Polo Lounge in Beverly Hills when Brand walked through the doors. Instead of, say, acting like an adult, Perry quickly hid underneath the table. “As soon as Katy saw Russell, she hid under the table. When he was directed to one far away she emerged.

“John threw some money on the table and they headed to the back door and their waiting car.

“Russell didn’t seem to see a thing but everyone in the restaurant saw what happened,” the source told The Sun UK.

Despite creating — and avoiding — some awkward situations, it looks like the two musicians are still going strong. Just this past weekend, Mayer and Perry were spotted taking a drive in Malibu, California in Mayer’s black Range Rover.

If a casual drive along Malibu’s scenic coast wasn’t enough to prove this still-yet-to-be-confirmed romance, sources say that Mayer has tamed his sexual napalm-loving ways. “John was at a table with friends at Cafe Luxembourg after the show,” a spy told the New York Post’s Page Six, “and a line of girls kept coming up to him.”