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Taylor Lautner: 'Twilight friendships will go on forever'

Photo credit : Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images
Taylor Lautner: 'Twilight friendships will go on forever'

LOS ANGELES — Taylor Lautner continues to be the sensible one among the three who dared take on the Twilight movies.

Certainly, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart suffered through the slings and arrows of extra attention thanks to their complicated on-again, off-again, on-again relationship.

Even Lautner tried dipping into the celebrity couples pool when he dated singer Taylor Swift after they shared scenes in the 2010 romantic comedy Valentine’s Day. Their brief encounter just wasn’t Taylor-made for either of them.

These days the 20-year-old Lautner seems more career focused as the Twilight Saga comes to an end with the much anticipated release of Breaking Dawn Part 2 on Nov. 16.

In Part 2, times are changing in the Twilight landscape. Edward (Pattinson) and Bella (Stewart) are trying to deal with transition after the birth of their daughter Renesmee (Mackenzie Foy), who is growing at an alarming rate.

Bella’s also coping with two more things; she’s a full-fledged vampire now and Jacob (Lautner) is destined to be betrothed to her daughter after he inadvertently “imprinted” on Renesmee as a baby.

Even worse, the evil Volturi coven is about to confront the Cullens and the new arrival, because they believe the child has been turned into a vampire, which is punishable by execution.

Despite the harrowing conflicts, Part 2 contains a few self-aware comedy bits, including a moment when Lautner’s Jacob awkwardly exposes his inner wolf to Bella’s dad Charlie (Billy Burke).

Lautner talks about that revealing sequence and more Twilight-related business during a recent chat at a Beverly Hills hotel.

Q: Did you enjoy doing the striptease for Bella’s dad Charlie?

A: It’s always uncomfortable when I have to take my shirt off because I’m always the only one doing it. I was so nervous to film that scene because it was written so hilariously and I wanted it to come across that way.

Q: And Bella gets to rough up Jacob in Part 2. How was that?

A: It’s a completely different side of Jacob, and it’s the first time we see Bella like that. The visual of Kristen chucking me around is great.

Q: Was it difficult to play off of the suggestive “imprint” references?

A: Yeah, it’s a fine line and I was worried about it. We were very lucky to have Stephenie Meyer on set with us. She basically told me, ‘Stop over-complicating it.’

Q: Will you have fond memories of portraying Jacob?

A: I respect him in so many different ways, and he has so many qualities that I’d love to bring with me; like his loyalty and persistence. He’s going to be a tough character to say goodbye to.

Q: What about saying goodbye to Pattinson and Stewart?

A: It’ll be difficult because we won’t have the excuse of having months and months, day after day together, but our friendships will go on forever.

Q: Did they make it easier to survive the pressure?

A: They helped a lot. It was so amazing that we meshed so well and got along so well. We are so thankful for that.

Q: Will you be thankful when the hype fades?

A: I think of Twilight in terms of the fact that the popularity has given us the opportunity to do the things that we love, and now we can pick and choose.

Q: In retrospect, what was your weirdest fan encounter?

A: I wouldn’t call it weird, but I found it baffling. I signed this girl’s arm. And the next day, a family member shot me an email, and it was a link to this girl who had my signature tattooed on her arm. I was like, “Man, that’s dedication. I’m sorry you did that.”

Q: What have you learned from the Twilight experience?

A: A lot. I did start this when I was 15 years old, so that was bound to happen, but this was at an accelerated rate.

Q: What are your plans post-Twilight?

A: I love challenging myself, doing different things and exploring different areas that I haven’t been to or gone to before.

Q: For example?

A: I’m re-teaming with the producers of Twilight, whom I love and who I have an amazing relationship with.

Q: Is it another supernatural movie?

A: No, it’s (Tracers); something different for me. It’s very serious and dramatic, and I’m excited to do something like that next.