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Waiting for the Night, Nelly Furtado fans?

Photo credit : Universal
Waiting for the Night, Nelly Furtado fans?

Waiting for the night? If you're a Nelly Furtado fan in Victoria, there’s a sentiment you can relate to. For the first time in years, Furtado will play her hometown Tuesday, thus launching her first Canadian tour since the Loose era. So in case you forgot about it -- or her latest album, The Spirit Indestructible -- she's just debuted Waiting For the Night, the latest video off that aforementioned disc.

The black-and-white video keeps it simple -- and spooky -- as Furtado dances the Tango de la Muerte (or something like it) with a bevy of undead dancers. These are sophisticated zombies, though – more like something you’d see in a TCM movie than an episode of Walking Dead.

You'll have to tell us if they wind up joining Furtado on the road. After opening in Victoria Tuesday night, the trek reaches cities including Vancouver, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Toronto and Montreal this month before the singer's tour heads to Germany in March.

For more tour dates, visit Nellyfurtado.com.

Watch the video, directed by The Seed Collective below: