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Justin Timberlake's Suit and Tie video: A how-to for a happy Valentine's Day

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Justin Timberlake's Suit and Tie video: A how-to for a happy Valentine's Day

It's Valentine's Day. Maybe you have plans, maybe those plans involve binge eating a kilo of cinnamon hearts, but if you're interested in bringing a little SexyBack into this date night of date nights, let Justin Timberlake -- cue falsetto -- "show you a few things."

Step 1: Cue up his new video for Suit and Tie. It dropped today, like some audio/visual equivalent of gift-wrapped Victoria's Secret unmentionables. That smooth falsetto, those smouldering horns. And look, it's directed by David Fincher! Not exactly a guy known for romance, but somebody who probably went on a date or something at some point during Se7en, right? (It ended badly? Moving on.)

Step 2: Get all dressed up. Suit and tie, preferable.

Step 3: Go for a couples massage!


Step 3: Unwind with a game of strip chess!


Step 4: Trip the (laser) light fantastic!


Step 5: Take a walk in the rain!


Step 6: Wake up the next day to enjoy a cozy breakfast...of cereal and whiskey...with a best friend who happens to be a superstar rap mogul.


(Three's a crowd, unless it's Jay-Z. Pro tip.)

Or, ditch the romance entirely. JT understands that Valentine's Day is for everyone, girl. It's a day of friendship -- and what are friends for if not impersonating the Rat Pack for fun and profit?


And JT's Suit and Tie bro-down is about to hit the road, if tour reports out of People are to be believed. Earlier this week, the magazine reported that Timberlake, Jay-Z and a 10-piece band are planning a 10-city stadium tour to promote the pop star’s March 19 album The 20/20 Experience. A confirmed itinerary has yet to be announced. Same goes for the list of fine brown liquors they'll no doubt demand on their rider.