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Two Door Cinema Club, Thirty Seconds to Mars and David Guetta & Akon & Ne-Yo have the most hyped vids of the week

Two Door Cinema Club - Handshake

Let us start by pointing out that Two Door's latest video tells a story and we sure do appreciate that - it's instant brownie points in our books. That the story is bizarre and original only gets more love from us. You'll have to see it to really get the full extent of how rad this video is, but in general, it involves a bowling champ and an underdog competing in a tournament where, instead of using plain ol' bowling balls, they use the severed heads of Two Door's members. Freaky? Yes. Cool? Yes. The only thing we didn't like is that it stopped after two and half minutes. We really do hope that the band continues this storyline in future videos.

Thirty Seconds To Mars - Up In The Air

Dita Von Teese. Jared Leto shirtless. A herd of zebras. Wolves. Olympic gymnast and 'Not Impressed' meme star McKayla Maroney. Plus a slew of other memorable stars and stunning bold visuals. What more could you want? This eight-minute video really does have it all. The song is great, the people featured in it are interesting and not just mere extras and all of the scenes are powerful and attention grabbing. We won't say more because we don't need to. Bravo, 30 Seconds to Mars, way to make a comeback!  

David Guetta - Play Hard ft. Akon & Ne-Yo

Whereas the Two Door Cinema Club video told a story that peaked our interest and made us want to stick it out till the end, this new one from Guetta was a lesson in how NOT to shoot a bizarre video. There's a lot of everything here and also a lot of nothing. You've got everything from inmates to beauty pagent contestants to almost naked girls and a dance-off between folks sporting the odd Mexican trend of SUPER pointy shoes. (OK, the shoes are worth seeing - Mexican men really do love to wear these? Woah!) It's all right, but we expected more.