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Best and worst of cosplay, your favorite anime characters like you've never seen them before

Their biggest dream was to look like their favorite anime character. While most of them succeeded at it, well, most of them should have thought twice about leaving their house that day. Here are the best and the worst of cosplay part 1 we are taking suggestions for other characters you would like to see up here. Brace yourself there's some intense stuff down there!


1- Zelda and Link 

"Only the strong survive" Sometimes Zelda tells Link he needs to chill the f*ck down. 


2- Lee (Naruto)

"Intensity, intensity, intensity, inten...wahhh pee again!?"


3- Sailor Moon

Sailor Moo, defends his herd and pasture with the power of love.


4- Pikachu

Actually both of them could be fails AND wins...


5- Mystique (X-Men)

Well at least he got the red hair and boobs parts right...!


6- Iron Man

"By the power of Saran wrap and duct tape". Play Iron man theme song in the background and both of those pictures become wins.


7- Joker

The things you do for your child right? what the story doesn't tell is that the batman on the left picture later became the joker on the right.


8- Mayuri (Bleach)

Sooooo close!