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Wild Fashion fails at the Met Gala!

Each year, The MET Gala delivers big-time high fashion wise. It’s like prom, but for celebrities, on crack (or Ativan maybe). This year’s theme was punk and as we were looking to make a Top 5 of the worst dressed, we realised that most of them looked like wild animals instead of Joan Jett. So, here are our Top 5 and proof that we have a weird sense of humour at the Dose.ca headquarters!

Oh and of course Kim Kardashian Flower fiasco deserved her own article!

Julie Macklowe is a socialite and an American investor (says Wikipedia!!) and now it seems she’d like to be a bird. How cute is that? (Not.)


Seems like the same shitty idea also came to Miley Cyrus’ head. With her crazy hair and overall bad taste, she looks more like a dying duck than anything else.


As you can see, Coco Rocha is as scary as this baby panther in her horrible dress (what’s up with the bling overdose?!).


Aubrey Plaza took the python trend with her dress. The spots on her dress make me uncomfortable, is that blood? Bleh.


And finally, Sarah Jessica Parker switched her horse look for a penguin one (but still looks like a horse).

Did we miss some of the wild animal inspiration?