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Morning quickies with Angelina Jolie, Kristen Bell, Kim and Kanye's baby gender and Shakira!

Kanye West and Kim Kardarshian are officially having a girl. I know it's not fair, but I'm already expecting the most annoying, conceited, spoiled little devil spawn to come out of her. I can't see how anyone raised by two such ginormous egos can grow up to be a kind, poised, generous little future Yale graduate. All I can envision is a loud, pretentious baby diva with diamond-encrusted trainer wheels on her first bike. No way she's going to be nice to her classmates and make friends with the nerdy chubby kids because she feels that everybody is equally beautiful on the inside. She WILL be a hair-puller for sure. 

Angelina Jolie made her first red carpet appearance since her preventive double mastectomy. The actress looked absolutely stunning as she walked out with husband Brad Pitt (sporting an amazing Legends of the Fall reminiscent hairdo) at the "World War Z" premiere. She was smiling and radiant even though she recently lost her dear aunt to cancer.

(photo: Tim P. Whitby, Getty Images)

Kristen Bell is just the best. Everything she does is cute, and also, duh, Veronica Mars. Also, crying about sloths and saving dogs. She's just my favorite. Here's her interview on Ellen, talking about her spankin' new baby girl with Dax Sheppard and being just all-around my future best friend. 

Shakira, also a new mom, said to USA Today that she planned on breastfeeding her baby until college. “I’m not back all the way to my old self, but I look decent now, I think, she said. What has helped me a lot was breastfeeding, and I’m so hooked, I’m telling you, I think I’m going to keep breastfeeding this baby until he goes to college because I can’t stop." Now that's a fun visual! Then again, if you're going to be breastfed until you're twenty, better it be by Shakira. 

(photo: Frederick M. Brown, Getty Images)