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Taylor Swift, Psy and Drake delivered MuchMusic Video Awards' best unseen moments... ahhh, the perks of being backstage!

What happens when the cameras aren't rolling and MMVAs presenters, performers and winners are behind the scenes, safe from the prying eyes of countless screaming fans?
Lots of awesome.
Lots of things that make you scratch your head.
And lots of education... who knew 'ponytail brusher' was an actual job?!
Here are our top fave ‘secret’ moments from last night:

Andrej Ivanov Photography5 – Turns out everyone likes a little encouragement from time to time... even a successful artist and MMVAs host. As Psy came off stage after epically dancing to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies”, one of his buddies was right there, waiting to give the K-pop superstar a well deserved high five. What else are friends for?

Andrej Ivanov Photography4 – Taylor Swift might have had a wardrobe malfunction if it wasn’t for her trusty stylist, who, seconds before Taylor got up before the crowd, managed to run up behind her and pull the young starlet’s dress down, thus preventing us from seeing too much of Swift and shattering all male fans’ hearts...

Ahh, who are we kidding? We would have loved to see that, too.

Andrej Ivanov Photography3 – This one’s a tie between the fact that Drake literally made the shortest appearance of all time – if he had come in and gone out any faster, he would’ve had to run – and his ridonculous entourage of FIFTEEN!!! (Possibly more, we kinda lost count.)

All of who, we should also mention, looked genuinely lost without him while he stepped on stage for all of five seconds. Mind = Blown.

Andrej Ivanov Photography2 – While Psy was getting ready to close the 2013 MMVAs in style with a wicked performance of “Gentleman”, his backup dancers lined up and warmed up as a devoted hair stylist went from girl to girl to brush every single ponytail to perfection. Yay for reassurance that there are always odder jobs out there than your own!
1 – If you ever bet against Taylor Swift being as sweet as she looks, we're sorry to say, it’s time to pay up, sucka! While in a cramped elevator filled with her entourage, Swift danced to Ed Sheeran’s performance like it was no thang. Yes, the moves were dorky. Yes, there was a lot of laughter. Yes, we wish there was footage SO BAD.

Check out more exclusive moments - this time from the red carpet - thanks to Vine here!