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"Normal" Barbie by Nickolay Lamm proves the iconic doll could be more realistic and still cute!

Photo credit : Nickolay Lamm
Artist Nickolay Lamm recently decided to finally put an age-old question to rest: If Barbie was a real young woman, what would she look like?

Taking the CDC measurements of an average 19-year-old girl in America, Lamm created a 3-D model of what he has dubbed "normal" Barbie.

In his blog post, which you can see here, Lamm wrote: "Some people say that we shouldn't pay attention to the body proportions of Barbie because she is just a toy. On the surface, that sounds like a valid argument. But a closer look, through research, suggests that Barbie may lead to the following: Heightened body dissatisfaction among young girls, unhealthy eating behaviors [and] a desire to achieve a slim body and therefore eat less."

What do we find most shocking? For all the talk of how Barbie shouldn't be messed with because she looks so pretty and fabulous, we gotta say, "normal" Barbie looks just as good. If not better because of the sole fact that she's a little curvy, more relatable and, undoubtedly, less bitchy.

Lamm's project has been getting both love and hate online and now we want you to be the judge - Is "normal" Barbie, based on an average 19-year-old American girl, an improvement on the original? Let us know in the comments below!