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Lindsay Lohan gets super naked in The Canyons - watch the new trailer and see for yourself

She's still locked away in rehab and hasn't done anything shocking as of late, but the world is once again talking about Lindsay Lohan. Why? Because her new movie, The Canyons, which is set for an August 9 release, is just so damn sexay.

Dubbed as an erotic thriller neo-noir film, The Canyons takes place in Los Angeles and stars Lindsay Lohan and real-life porn star James Deen.

Deen plays a young movie producer who makes movies to keep his trust fund in check while his actress girlfriend, played by Lohan, is only really concerned with one thing - trying to hide the affair she's having with an actor from her past.

She obvs doesn't do a very good job of it or there would be no movie and as soon as Deen's character finds out what his girlfriend has been doing behind his back, that's when things start to get violent... and really sexy.

We're talking a LOT of sex and nakedness and even a four-way scene. (Don't believe us? Watch the trailer.)

...Is there nothing LiLo won't do to try and get people back into theatres to see her? Obviously not.