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Corey Feldman insults Michael Jackson and scars us for life with his new 'Ascension Millennium' video

Kids, this is what happens when you let fame get to your head and lose sight of your career goals. 

Corey Feldman, who rose to stardom as a child actor thanks to his roles in Gremlins and The Goonies, has, it seems, officially lost it. We understand that it's been a while since he has done anything notable movie-wise and since people have talked about him, but that is no excuse for his latest music video.

Released for his song "Ascension Millennium", this brand spankin' new vid really is a testament to all that can go wrong in Hollywood. And it might just have you questioning life as a whole for the entire four minutes and 50 seconds of its existence.

First, we get to see Feldman shirtless in bed and in the shower - lovely. Then we're met with a bunch of wannabe Playboy bunnies who, let's face it, would not be in his house in real life. Or maybe they would... he must be getting crazy royalties from his childhood movies.

Then, for a reason nobody knows, Feldman decides to dress up like Michael Jackson and give us a dance sequence that is best described as insulting to MJ's legacy. And that's putting it lightly. Really, try not to laugh as he fumbles the moves but acts like he's blowing everyone's minds.

All that is capped off by some impressive (not) green screen action in which Corey and his band supposedly find themselves playing inside some huge stadium. Which might just be the funniest part of all.

Come on, Corey, no one's going to let you play a stadium... unless it's empty.