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Terrifying Tween Trend: The Thigh Gap (aka everything that's wrong with the world today)

Photo credit : www.abrelaboca.com
Terrifying Tween Trend: The Thigh Gap (aka everything that's wrong with the world today)
Let us repeat ourselves, just because we really want to drive this point home: no one needs that much space in their crotchal region. They just don't. And that's a scientific fact. Or something.

The hottest new craze sweeping the Interwebs is not a cute new puppy or a silly feline, no, it's the thigh gap. Which isn't really a thing, more like a lack thereof.

The goal is to be so revoltingly thin that when you stand up and put your feet together, you’ll have a gap between the tops of your legs and size does matter here, folks – the wider the gap, the better.

But is it really? Is that what’s considered sexy these days - looking like you have scurvy or some other terrible illness that’s made you lose ridiculous amounts of weight and appear sickly?

And we weren't totally kidding before, either, it actually is a medical problem. A thigh gap signifies that you are underweight, which is scary when you consider just how many girls have set it as their goal, willing to do anything to achieve unnecessary room between their legs. (What if your left thigh happens to want to chill with your right, huh? What then?!) 

What’s really unique about this trend, though, is just how quickly it has risen to fame thanks to social media. We’re talking Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter pages devoted to the thigh gap, like this wonderful Tumblr called Fuck Yeah Thigh Gap. Ew.

What’s led the Internet to this? Couldn’t we just be happy with cat videos on YouTube? And what's wrong with eating hamburgers, doesn't everyone think they taste delicious? Surely they must.
There's just one thing we can say about the thigh gap – no.

One more time for good measure: HELL NO.

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