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Jay Z's Picasso Baby: A Performance Art Film debuts on HBO August 12 and we. are. excited. (VIDEO)

Before we say anything else, we need to vent for a second - we are SO freakin' jealous of the people who got to witness Jay Z's performance art live at New York's Pace Gallery. Really, really, jealous.

We may never get over it, in fact. Because how often do you come across a curious, unique art experiment in which Jay Z is lip-synching "Picasso Baby" off of Magna Carta Holy Grail for six hours? Basically, Jay’s art stunt rivaled something Lady Gaga would come up with.
In collaboration with HBO, the whole thing was captured on film and will air on August 12 as Picasso Baby: A Performance Art Film... so at least now we can actually see it (while eating buckets of ice cream to drown our sorrow).
The new trailer shows stars Alan Cumming and Judd Apatow in attendance and has Jay explaining, "Rap is painting out loud. You're putting your fears and your own abilities and your insecurities to music. Concerts are pretty much performance art. In a smaller venue it's a little more intimate, so you feel the energy of the people."

We can't wait till August 12!