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Top 10 celebrities who have a deep connection and love for technology

#10 Bono
Not only does Bono love supporting worthy philanthropic causes, he’s had quite the luck in his tech investments, too. After putting $90 million towards gaining a 1.5 percent stake in Facebook, he earned a cool $1.5 billion when Facebook went public in 2013. Smart man.

#9 T.I.
YOPIMA – aka Your Opinion Matters – is a brand new app with a big name behind it. Thanks to a $600,000 investment from rapper T.I., YOPIMA is on its way to making it big. Its purpose? To help you decide where to go out tonight by providing info on drink specials, VIP lines and how many people are there. Seems like a fitting union, doesn’t it?

#8 Andy Samberg
There’s nothing funny about comedian Andy Samberg’s involvement with CanaryHop – a site that connects people who are interested in discovering new activities and cities with help from tour guides and activity providers. Becoming their spokesman, as well as investing in the company in 2011, the site’s growing success has come in large part thanks to Andy’s use of original SNL-style videos. Andy knows what works and he’s sticking to it.

#7 Bruno Mars

Because he’s not busy enough as is, putting out hit music and touring the world, Bruno Mars has decided to add ‘Initial Chromatik Investor’ to his resume. The company offers musicians digital versions of sheet music for both the web and iPad - smart, no?

#6 Will Ferrell
Funny man Will Ferrell is the genius behind comedy website Funny or Die – makes perfect sense, right?! Started by Ferrell’s production company in 2006, FunnyOrDie.com is now one of the most popular and widely visited humor sites out there. No surprise considering the content is gold.

#5 Selena Gomez
Selena is more than just a teen pop idol, she’s a smart businesswoman when it comes to the tech world. Helping launch a new app called Postcard on the Run, which lets users print and send photos using iOS or Android phones, Gomez is successfully competing with the likes of Postagram and proving why she’s got 8.5 million Twitter followers and nearly 25 million Facebook fans – she knows how to use technology to her advantage.

#4 Leonardo DiCaprio

What’s Leo DiCaprio’s fave app? It must be Mobli in which he’s recently made an investment. The app lets users share videos and photos in real time and attracts more than 10,000 users a day. Clearly DiCaprio knows a good tech opportunity when he sees one. He’s also an advisor for the company.

#3 Ashton Kutcher

Not only has Ashton taken on the role of tech visionary Steve Jobs in the much buzzed about new flick Jobs, but he’s a real-life tech lover and investor. Kutcher has been an integral part of start-ups such as Airbnb and Foursquare. Kutcher is, however, most famous for investing in Skype before most people even knew what it was - talk about good judgment.

#2 Lady Gaga
Mother Monster isn’t just the Queen of Pop, she’s also a superstar when it comes to using technology to connect with her large fan base and has also collaborated with gaming company Zynga to create GagaVille, a spin-off of highly popular FarmVille. What’s more, Gaga has worked with Polaroid to launch a line of highly innovative products and is collaborating with former Google CEO Eric Schmidt to help boost his new social media startup, Backplane, a platform allowing celebrities and their fans to connect and talk easily. 

#1 Justin Timberlake

First he played Napster founder Sean Parker in The Social Network, then he decided to bring a part of his big screen character to life by becoming involved with MySpace and helping to re-launch the site just as it was falling apart. As a major investor, he helped freshen up every aspect of MySpace and bring relevance and followers back to the once popular website.
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