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Miley Cyrus reveals Bangerz album cover with zero shock value

How shocking. How avant-garde. How risqué.


At this point, we expect Miley Cyrus to turn up everywhere with no clothes on, so the fact that her newly revealed album cover for Bangerz is all about the boob (did that take some serious strategic squeezing or what?) is as surprising as Grumpy Cat feeling grumpy.

We could have put up with the mega cheesy '80s inspired neon background had she played into the theme as well - maybe - but this just looks like someone who knew nothing about art nor design messed up big in their Photoshop 101 class and Miley just went with it.

We have an idea, how about turning up the classy and actually shocking everyone by looking amazing in a super fashion-forward OUTFIT? How management didn't think of that one, we don't know…

Oh, and that overly gelled hair - no one could make that cool. No one.

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