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Meet Alison Gold, the new Rebecca Black; 'Chinese Food' will have you rolling on the floor with laughter [VIDEO]

It's gotta be said - Patrice Wilson is a genius.

You likely know Patrice as the mastermind behind Rebecca Black's terrible hit song 'Friday' and now he's back at it again with Alison Wilson.

Yes, horrible music and hilariously awkward videos are the future. Or so it would seem because Alison's 'Chinese Food' vid has raked in a whopping 5 million views in just two days.

A love song - literally - dedicated to chow mein and all sorts of other Chinese foods, we haven't heard lyrics this weird in, well, ever.

(To be honest, we're starting to feel like this track is somehow racist, we just have yet to pinpoint the problem. Maybe it's all the "cool" subtitles in foreign languages...)

Keep your eyes open for Mr. Creepy Panda Bear, too. He joins the girls for a slumber party, then rips off his panda head and starts rapping.

Who in the world had such a bad idea? Hint: It's Patrice Wilson in that panda suit.