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Top 10 DIY Halloween Costumes Under $10

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Top 10 DIY Halloween Costumes Under $10
Instead of waiting until the last minute as usual, why not plan your Halloween costume ahead of time this year? To help you out (because finding THE BEST costume is no small undertaking) here are 10 DIY costume ideas.

What’s so great about them? All you need to recreate these picks is one quick trip to Value Village and no more than $10 dollars.
Kim Kardashian – Pregnant version
You’ll need a skin-tight dress and a couple pillows. Complete the look with stilettos and a pair of shades.

Rob Ford - The mayor that loved Crack Cocaine!
Easy! Find a suit jacket, put a pillow under the jacket. Find 2 Ziploc bags and fill them with flour, make sure to offer flour discretly to your friends during the night. For an extra punch put some flour under your nose and on your jacket, voilà! 

Miley Cyrus – Queen of twerk

Nothing too complicated, just a bikini or a beige body suit will do the trick. Don’t forget to accessorize with a giant foam finger.

George Clooney – from the movie Gravity
This costume will require a bit more effort, but will be way worth the compliments. You’ll need a snow suit that you can paint all in silver (we suggest spray paint). Pair up with a Sandra Bullock and you can turn this into a winning couple’s costume.

Frida Kahlo – The androgynous pick

Ideal for guys with thick eyebrows, this costume only requires a shawl and a faux bouquet of flowers slipped into your hair.

Stick Figure – A conversation starter
This original costume will definitely get people talking. Make sure to find a white shirt and pants and you’re good to go.

Great Gatsby – Straight from the roaring 20s
Inspired by the movie, this one’s easy for both guys and girls. Ladies need a big head bandeau and a couple strands of pearls, and gents, a slick vest and bow tie.

Daft Punk – Get Lucky
Perfect for motorheads: stick with the leather jacket you’re already wearing! P.S. When you get to the party, just leave your helmet on.

Ghost – Never underestimate a classic
Too simple? No way! The good old ghost costume will never go out of style – even better, it’s super simple: all you have to do is pimp out a bed sheet, preferably a white one.

Jennifer Lawrence – At the Oscars

Elegant and fun: find a ball gown that you can spend all night tripping over. Bonus points if you trip yourself in the stairs.

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Happy Halloween!