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Kelly Clarkson, Prince William & Kate Middleton and Pauly D land in our MORNING QUICKIES

Photo credit : Weiss Eubanks Films
Kelly Clarkson, Prince William & Kate Middleton and Pauly D land in our MORNING QUICKIES
Kelly Clarkson's wedding video is pure cuteness

The original American Idol, Mizz Kelly Clarkson, wed he beau Brandon Blackstock on Sunday and let us tell you, the wedding video they just released is total cuteness. Shot on Blackberry Farms, where the ceremony took place, and set to "Heavenly Day" by Patty Griffin, it might just restore your faith in true love.

Brandon and Kelly Blackstock from Weiss Eubanks Films on Vimeo.

Prince William and Kate Middleton name Prince George's godparents

With Prince George's christening upon us, the mini royal's parents had to finally name his godparents... and they chose seven! Here goes:

"Oliver Baker, who attended the University of St. Andrews with Will and Kate.

Emilia d'Erlanger, wife of David Jardine-Paterson, who attended Marlborough College (high school) with Kate and also is an old friend to William. D'Erlanger introduced Will and Kate.

Hugh, Earl Grosvenor, the son of the Duke of Westminster.

Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton, who served as private secretary to William, Kate and Harry from 2005-2012 and continues to serve part-time as principal private secretary and equerry, and whose son was in the royal wedding.

Julia Samuel, wife of Michael Samuel, who was a close friend of William's late mother, Princess Diana.

Zara Phillips, wife of Michael Tindall, William's cousin, granddaughter to the queen, daughter of Princess Anne the Princess Royal, who married rugby star Mike Tindall in 2011 and is pregnant with her first child.

William van Cutsem, also known as Hugh, a childhood friend of Will's, son of Hugh van Cutsem, one of Prince Charles' oldest friends who died a few weeks ago. Will is godfather to van Cutsem's daughter Grace, who was in the wedding."

Soooo, where are Pippa Middleton and Prince Harry?!

Pauly D is taking his baby mama to court

Pauly D's daughter with a woman simply known as Amanda was born in May, but her Jersey Shore papa has yet to see her! Which is why Pauly filed court documents asking for some sort of custody of his child, citing that Amanda is not a fit mother.

Why? Pauly thinks that her work at Hooters and the fact that she has another kid and is only 25 are proof that she's not a good parent. (Hmmm, probably should've thought of that before knocking her up...)

Meanwhile, Amanda has filed court documents of her own, demanding Pauly D pay crazy amounts of child support. We have a feeling this battle is gonna get ugly.