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Crest's hilarious Halloween Treats Gone Wrong commercial has kids breaking down over 'Poopy Pinata'-tasting candy [VIDEO]

A Halloween without candy? No, thank you! We wouldn't put up with that kind of madness and neither would any of these amazing kids.

In this new Halloween-themed viral commercial, Crest gathered a group of adorable children in costume and had them try different 'healthy' candies.

Their reactions are pure gold and include everything from breaking down to throwing up and even kicking the man handing out the treats that taste like, as one kid puts it, 'poopy pinata'.

Here's the official video description: "In a world without candy, things get pretty scary. These Halloween treats are making kids sick. Literally! They're trying veggie-flavored treats as an alternative to traditional Halloween candy. Sounds pretty scary if you ask us."

Sounds absolutely terrifying to us, too. We don't even want to think about it...