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Drunken French teens kidnap circus llama Serge, take him on a tram ride [VIDEO]

Five French teenagers in Bordeaux who were - obviously - under the influence of alcohol – their city IS the wine capital of the world, after all - decided it was a great idea to kidnap a circus llama named Serge and take him on a tram ride. YOLO, right?!

Here’s what went down: The animal-loving guys found their way into a closed circus after a night of clubbing – and did we mention drinking? – and couldn't resist the urge to play with the animals and eventually take a llama to go.

Turns out, the quintet actually wanted to sneak out a zebra, but when the stripy dude proved to be too stubborn, they settled on the more complacent, super fluffy creature instead.

Hey, maybe they thought it was Taylor Lautner...

But back to the subject at hand!
The guys then took their new BFF Serge on the tram and passengers soon began complaining. That's when a ticket inspector made sure the animal got off safely and tied him to a lamppost to wait for his rightful owner to come and pick him up. 

In case you're wondering, yes, the teens had to face the police at the end of their adventure, but although John Beautour, the director of the Cirque Franco-Italian, initially threatened legal action, he changed his tune and withdrew his police complaint after dozens of folks rushed to the circus to get a picture with the now famous Serge.

Can we get one too?