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Toronto's First Men's Fashion Weak... uh Week

Men's Fashion Weeks are popping up all over the world. From Thailand to Italy, France and the U.K. it seems that everyone is jumping on the Menswear bandwagon! Since North America has a history of being a little bit behind on a lot of Fashion Movements it is no surprise that this November was the first time Toronto has ever had any incarnation of a Men's Fashion Week.

When it was announced, Modern Man's Fashion Week in Toronto actually looked quite ostentatious. With more than eight international and local designers crammed into three days of runway shows, it seemed like it was going to be the first time the inaugural Fashion Week to go smoothly. Unfortunately the weekend prior to the shows, five of the eight initial runway shows were canned following a mass exodus of labels. No explanation was given for why so many of the brands pulled out at the last minute, although usually when something like this happens it is simply due to cold feet.

But since the stage was already set at Uniun nightclub in Toronto organizers decided to push on and try to make the best of a bad situation, and frankly it turned out pretty well. The three shows were split over two days and contained runway shows from Le Chateau, Christopher Bates and the Calvin Klein Men's Underwear show.

Le Chateau kicked off the shows on Monday evening and despite the fact that they would be considered an unlikely candidate for a runway show, they really pulled it together. When a brand has been around for as long as Le Chateau they tend to stick to their "signature" looks, but that didn't stop the Canadian brand from modernizing some pretty slick looks for this season.

Christopher Bates has become quite a constant on Canadian runways since his debut last October. Being that he also showed during World Mastercard Fashion Week last month, Bates decided to present a capsule collection for the first Men's Fashion Week in Toronto. Since I have personally seen all of these looks on the runway before I am slightly biased about this show, but for the great number of the general public attending the show it was a fantastic scan of the designers work.

Fashion shows can be fun but when the (male) models are wearing skin tight briefs, it is a whole new level of amazing. You can check out the full gallery of sexy underpants in the article "Sexy Men In Underwear for Calvin Klein's fashion show - What else?" but I suppose in this article I should actually talk about the garments themselves. Calvin Klein revolutionized men's underwear back in the day when they introduced styles other than the traditional brief, even though that is the most fun to watch coming down the runway. This season CK showed a number of variations of their classics including some pajama wear which covered way too much skin to be included in this article. Needless to say CK knows how to sell, and even though they didn't reinvent the wheel this season they still won me over. If I buy those underwear I'll look like them right?

Even though Modern Man's Fashion Week Toronto was thrown its share of curveballs, they made it through looking shiny and fresh. The shows were very well attended and they managed to create some pretty great buzz about Menswear... at least for a week. Here's hoping they come back bigger and stronger for next season!