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20-year-old 4chan user sets himself on fire in horrifying live stream suicide attempt viewed by 200 people

We don't even know what to say or where to begin, which, trust us, doesn't happen very often.

The fact that a 20-year-old University of Guelph student who identified himself as 'Stephen' took to 4chan to announce that he was planning to commit suicide during a live stream is disturbing enough.
But perhaps even wilder is the fact that countless 4chan users jumped at the chance to watch Stephen take his own life, many of them encouraging him, and one even set up a video chatroom on streaming website Chateen to allow for it all to happen.

After the chat room reached the 200 user maximum, Stephen began his twisted video stream by swallowing a bunch of pills with some vodka. He then started a fire in the corner of his room and crawled under his bed, typing '#imdead #omgimonfire' and 'I’m f*ck3d'.

Talk about disturbing, but again, it was the viewers who made the situation even more unbelievable.

As one wrote 'Let's all of us use his photo as wallpaper for one week. He's doing it', another aired his/her frustration at the fact that the maximum viewership had been reached: 'PROVIDE PICS ROOM IS FULL DAMN IT.'
As for Stephen, fire fighters were soon called to his dorm room on campus. They put out the flames and transported the young man to hopsital.

According to news sources, he sustained non life-threatening injuries caused by smoke inhalation.

The university is now trying to delete the video from as many sites as possible and is encouraging students to not watch or share it.