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Justin Bieber, Lorde and The Killers have the week's hottest new music videos - watch them here!

Justin Bieber - All That Matters
One thing's for sure: JB's been drinking the Miley Kool-Aid. Desperately trying to prove that he’s now a grownup, Justin has gifted his fans with this super sexy video worthy of Bruno Mars or JT. It’s so steamy, in fact, it’s almost making me cringe because, let’s face it, Biebs will always be the 16-year-old boy with funny hair. And those abs! Dear lord, they're making me feel all inappropriate… 

Lorde - Team
It’s just not fair that a 16-year-old is this cool and this artistically inclined. So much so that she’s miles ahead of most of her peers. Is it a jungle kingdom Lorde is chillin' in or is it a desolate dockland? Who cares - it’s awesome and we wanna be a part of it. Whatever Lorde’s selling, we’re buying.

The Killers feat. Dawes - Christmas In L.A.
Every year The Killers put out a Christmas song and every year they outdo themselves. This time around, they’ve joined forces with Dawes and cast Owen Wilson as the vid’s title character. There’s really no need to say anything more than it’s fantastic. Also, for all you cold city dwellers out there, it might just make you truly appreciate the beauty of a white Christmas. Score!

Kelly Clarkson - Underneath the Tree
Kelly’s live performance holiday video has everything a live performance holiday video should have: a classic Christmas tune, a Christmas tree, a fake forest, some faux snow and a pretty, sparkly dress. Nothing too out of the ordinary here, but the original American Idol’s voice sounds so insanely good, the vid is defs worth a watch.

Little Daylight - Overdose
What the hell did I just watch? I’m uber confused yet, at the same time, utterly intrigued. Well played, Little Daylight. Must watch again. Can’t look away.