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Reddit helps reunite lost dog with owner in this incredibly heart-warming tale!

Photo credit : p1percub
Reddit helps reunite lost dog with owner in this incredibly heart-warming tale!
If you've ever doubted the power of reddit, you can now rest assured that the massive online community is good for more than just laughs.

When reddit user p1percub lost her dog, she posted a photo of him - which was seen more than 40,000 times - along with the following caption to the Houston subreddit: "Missing pit/lab mix around the Houston Med Center- jerk hit him with his truck and took off- my pup instantly got up and ran away faster than I could catch him. My number is on his collar, if you see him PLEASE help me bring him home!"

Locals instantly began sharing the image and folks were on the lookout for the pup all over the city.

Now, get ready for the heartwarming part!

When p1percub followed up on her original post with the message "HE'S FOUND!!!!", we instantly melted and then - it got even better.

The pooch and his rightful owner weren't just brought together by mere luck. No, the happy reunion was a result of reddit and its awesome members. 

Here's a selfie of the happy duo right after they found each other...

As for what exactly happened, here's the full story in p1percub's own words:

"So /u/Hominine saw this thread (thanks to you all, for making it visible) and was on the lookout- he saw Jack in the parking lot of a nearby grocery store. When he tried to approach, Jack ran across the street and inside the fence of the same big open grassy area that I had been playing with him in yesterday, and he PM'd me."

"/u/MycroStanza had put me in touch with a guy named Tim, who used to live in Houston, but now lives in NOLA (? I hope I'm getting all this right), and who maintains a large email list of people involved in animal rescue. I followed this redditor's advice and contacted Tim, who sent out all of Jack's information to his list last night."

"One of the women on his list had an extra 15 min to kill before she picked up her daughter from school so she drove to the Baylor area where Jack had been lost and called me on my cell to tell me she had him in sight."

"I RAN straight to where she was, as fast as I could (even hopped in the back of a truck for a block of the distance when a good semaritan saw me sprinting and offered). /u/Hominine saw me then, and asked if we'd seen a dog, and I was like "it's my dog! I'm looking for my dog!" and that's we made the reddit connection. I could have hugged him right then."

"We quickly found the woman with eyes on the dog and Jack seemed pretty freaked out, but came right over to me. OMG. There just aren't words."