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17 Truths Only Christmas Babies Understand

I was born on December 22nd and I have no one to blame but myself. I was actually due on December 8th but was just too damn comfy and stuck around for a couple more weeks. Now I know all you other Christmas babies out there are going to say that I'm not truly one of you, but I have been there and I've felt your pain. 

Now before I spiral into a dramatic fit of self-deprication I should point out that being a Christmas baby isn't as bad as everyone thinks it is. You make your own reality, and our reality is that Birthdays don't really mean all that much because they never have. That being said, here is a list of the struggles specific to children born in and around everone's favourite Holiday!

"Birthday Parties" are basically just poorly attended Holiday get togethers.

...Because all your friends bailed at the last minute.

Those who do show up insist on more Festive Birthday activities

Because they are too tired and busy to celebrate the way you want to

Atleast you still get a cake

Then it's time to open your gifts! They are all in Christmas wrapping so finding the Birthday one takes some doing.

You have to save up your present list all year. Too bad if your new favourite thing comes out in January, you'll be waiting 11 months.

Then you finally get it and realize it is a very innapropriate gift for the winter.

You secretly hate anyone born in the summer.

There is always that one well-meaning relative who is in complete denial that Christmas exists to try and make you feel better

And that other one who tries to pass off "Birthmas". Oh yeah, it's a thing and it happens.

You spend your special day talking loved ones through a nervous breakdown from having to deal with your Birthday AND Christmas.

You've always had mixed feelings about Santa Clause. On one hand he brings you gifts, but he is a total spotlight stealer.

You dread telling someone when your Birthday is because it is inevitably met with a "Oh my god!" follow by "That must be difficult"

But despite all of this you still never complain lest you be labelled a Grinch

So you put on a brave face and act like the bigger person

But none of this matters because you know deep down you are special! I mean there wouldn't be so many articles on how to avoid having a child like you if you weren't... right?

Happy Holidays!