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Watch Rebecca Black's (mind-numbing) video for 'Saturday' here! She's SO over Friday...

A) Who keeps funding these videos? If whoever's responsible has so much extra money to waste, we suggest mailing it to us instead... or burning it... anything.

B) Who keeps watching these videos? It's gotta be a case of it's-so-bad-I-just-can't-look-away. Surely. 

In under two days, Rebecca Black's latest video for her new single 'Saturday' - how clever - is well on its way to getting 9 million views.

The official sequel to 2011's viral hit 'Friday', which garnered a whopping 61+ million views on YouTube, the new video/song shows Black and her 'buddies' waking up after a CRAY Friday night and trying to keep the party rolling. You know, cause they're cool like that.

The fact that she's only 16 and can't legally enjoy any sort of serious partying seems to be omitted. 
Other than humping a dinosaur - why, oh, why?! - Rebecca is also spotted eating cereal from a bowl that read “Gotta have my bowl”. 

Oh. Dear. God.