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Oprah’s best giveaways ever, complete with fan reaction GIFs! Happy 60th, Mizz Winfrey!

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Oprah’s best giveaways ever, complete with fan reaction GIFs! Happy 60th, Mizz Winfrey!
It’s hard to pinpoint when exactly the crazy started, but over the years, Oprah Winfrey made quite the name for herself as the Queen of Giveaways, gifting audience members with some pretty fabulous things.

Oprah fans, for their part, became the stuff of legend thanks to their unrivaled reactions – we’re talking major breakdowns – to getting free stuff.

What we are sure of is that 2004 was a sort of turning point that solidified Oprah’s shtick as a master giver. It was the first episode of her 19th season and she decided to surprise everyone with a free car. Check it…

All this to say that there’s clearly no better way to celebrate Mizz Winfrey's 60th birthday – woot, woot! – than to look back at the top 5 gifts from her final season’s Ultimate Favorite Things special, accompanied by our fave audience reaction GIFs of all time.

Note: We're not sure if the people are actually reacting to these gifts or others, but does it really matter? After all, there’s just no faulting their epicness!

5) iPad by Apple - $499
Everyone probs already had one, but there's no such thing as too many iPads.

4) Jessica Leigh Diamond Earrings - $1,900
The gents might not have been super excited about this one at first, but what better way to get a lady to love you than by gifting her diamonds? This lady know what we're talking about - amen!

3) Sony BRAVIA LX900 HDTV with 3D - $3,600
It's a TV with 3D capabilities. That's 3D. In your home. All the time. What the what?!

2) Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas Cruise
A free trip on a ship that's practically a floating piece of heaven with "a two-story dance floor, an ice skating rink, a zip line, a rock-climbing wall and its very own park" means it's time to stop holding back and bring out the real excitement... 

1) Volkswagen 2012 Beetle 
Remember, the show aired in 2010 i.e. everyone got this car waaaaay before anyone else. Amazing or amazing? So this is what being famous must feel like... Besides, it's not a real party until EVERYONE GETS A CAR!!!!!

Aaaaaand BONUS:

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