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​Top 5 ways to stay warm while enjoying an outdoor show

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​Top 5 ways to stay warm while enjoying an outdoor show
The largest winter carnival in the world, is back from January 31 – February 16 and to make sure you’re able to enjoy all of its fun outdoor activities to the max, les Rendez-vous Loto-Québec has put together this list of tips for staying warm on even the coldest of days.
5)  Layer, Layer, Layer!

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Winter is not the best season to be overly worried about having the greatest outfit of all time. What’s important is keeping warm and wearing a first layer, warm wool shirt, two pairs of socks, etc. is the way to go. And don’t forget to rock some warm boots, too!
4) Don some heat pads
These bad boys are designed to stick to your undergarments and deliver heat where needed – win. You can also slip some into your pockets to help keep your hands warm.
3) Stay Hydrated

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A nice warm tea or hot chocolate (or warm cider - yum!) will help raise your body temperature and give you that same wonderful feeling you get when you're home for the holidays. Soups are also a great choice. If you can’t get your hands on anything warm, cold drinks will help raise your body temp, too, by keeping your blood pumping.
2) Dance Up a Storm
Moving around helps get your body temperature up and definitely helps you forget about the cold. After all, when you’re having fun, you don’t have time to think about anything else.
1) Snowsuit Up!
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Best way to make sure you’re warm AND the talk of the fest? Throw a one-piece snowsuit on top of your outfit. Bonus points if it’s Technicolor.
Now that you know how to brave the cold like a true Northerner, why don’t you test your skills at the upcoming Carnaval de Québec, another Rendez-vous Loto-Quebec that celebrates the joy of winter! The Carnival is already at its 60th edition and is a true must see for winter lovers! See you there!