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Top 10 hot Olympic athletes using Tinder in Sochi

Photo credit : Sochi On Tinder
Top 10 hot Olympic athletes using Tinder in Sochi
Surprise, surprise, a whole bunch of seriously sexy (and less sexy) guys and gals are using Tinder to score a hot hook-up... or two... or five... while competing at the Games in Sochi.

How else are they supposed to get rid of all that pressure and let off some steam, right? Err, right. We'd prefer to think of them as pure young things - especially since they're so damn young - but hey, what can we do?!

Here are the top 10 hottest athletes we discovered are using Tinder thanks to the constantly updated Sochi on Tinder Tumblr!

Possum Torr, 23
Snowboarder, New Zealand

Matt Margetts, 26
Halfpipe Skier, Canada

Deanna Lockett, 18
Alpine Skier, Australia

Conor Lyne, 20
Alpine Skier, Ireland

Natalie Spooner, 23
Hockey Player, Canada

Rene Swette, 25
Hockey Player, Austria

Rowan Cheshire, 18
Freestyle Skier, UK

Billy Morgan, 24
Snowboarder, UK

Jamie Anderson, 23
Snowboarder, USA

PK Hunder, 24
Skier, Norway

Sooooo, who's coming to Sochi with us?!