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Kate Upton models in zero gravity for Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issue - ZERO GRAVITY!

Who has ever dreamt of taking a little trip into space? Well, Kate Upton has done it. Sort of.​ 

The famous actress and supermodel had fun defying gravity for Sports Illustrated’s 50th anniversary  swimsuit issue.
While she usually models down here on Earth, this time around she had to hold that smile in a gravity-free plane! By now, you’re probably wondering what happened to her generous, hem, assets. But before we get to that…
The shoot happened in Florida aboard a Boeing 727-200 conveniently named Zero G - for Zero Gravity – and  the pretty blonde had fun prancing around in front of the photographer, wearing nothing but a small golden bikini!

“I’m hoping I won’t throw up. It wouldn’t be a cute picture,” she said. What gave you that idea?

Thankfully for all of us, the shoot went very well and the pictures, which you can find on Sports Illustrated's site, are already all over the web.

If you’re wondering how this whole no-gravity-plane-gismo-thing works, well, sit tight, it gets technical. The pilot starts by inclining the plane to a 45-degree angle at an altitude of about 10,000 km. He then suddenly provokes the plane to fall, creating a sensation of no gravity. The longest it can last is 30 seconds!