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Pamela Anderson poses nude for Purple magazine, crashes their website

Photo credit : @RedneckRag
Pamela Anderson poses nude for Purple magazine, crashes their website
It’s true what they say: Beauty has no expiration date. And judging by Pamela Anderson’s latest photo shoot and interview, neither does fierceness.

The former Baywatch star graces French magazine Purple’s pages this month wearing, well, nothing – appropriate, no?! – and just in case you needed proof that the 46-year-old's still got it, how about the fact that she crashed their site?
Yes, a lot of people still want to see Pam naked and hear all the scandalous (i.e. truthful) things she has to say.

In the feature, the beauty is asked about chopping off her long locks last October and reveals, "It was a relief more than anything to let a little of that go and with the hair went a lot. Not to get too personal, but it really helped me get out of a 'situation' that was not right, no matter how hard I wanted to believe otherwise."

"I heard that when you cut your hair, your past goes with it. I think this is where life begins again for me, in this industry or wherever it leads. It feels right."

Anderson’s next project will come in the form of a role opposite Mike Tyson in Werner Herzog's adaptation of Vernon God Little, a satirical novel that tells the story of Vernon Little, a boy whose “life as a normal teenager falls apart when his best friend, Jesus Navarro, murders their classmates in the schoolyard, and Vernon is taken in for questioning.”

But for now, here's more naked Pam - you're welcome.