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#AfterSex selfies are officially a thing - why, Instagram, why?!

Photo credit : @mikkejohannes
#AfterSex selfies are officially a thing - why, Instagram, why?!
Brace yourself because Instagram has just hit a new low: #Aftersex selfies are officially a thing. 

We're no experts, but we are pretty sure that none of these people have actually ever had sex or, at least, that they're not doing it right if they have nothing else in mind but their phones post-lovin'. 

In all the examples we've found so far (and we're sure there's going to be plenty more where that came from, like it or not), there was no passion, no sweat, no joy, just total indifference. Yeah, something seems off. 

Some have stood up for the #AfterSex selfie, dubbing it some sort of symbol of love or affection, but it's hard to see it as anything other than way too much information that does not need to be shared. The selfies do, however, have THE best set of accompanying hashtags, so there's that.

Check these out and let us know your thoughts on this new trend. Personally, we think the last dude's the only one who got it right.

5) #infinity 

4) #bird

3) #booyah

2) #woo

1) No need for hashtags cause this guy's the best. You should follow him: @chuquirri!