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Doctor says drinking bottle of wine a day is OK - time to bust out the booze!

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Doctor says drinking bottle of wine a day is OK - time to bust out the booze!
Dr. Kari Poikolainen has found that drinking 13 units of alcohol per day ain't all that bad if you happen to be inclined to do so. To put things in perspective, that's a little over six pints of beer (a pint counts as two units, more or less) or a bit more than an entire bottle of wine (one bottle counts as 10 units) per day.

Believe it or not, Dr. Poikolainen is a reliable source, at least we think so, considering he used to work for the World Health Organization as an alcohol expert and was once the research director for the Foundation for Alcohol Studies in Helsinki, Finland.

The good doc claims that after having studied decades of research about alcohol's effects on the human body, he's been able to conclude that the current limits, which recommend men not exceed four units of booze a day with women sticking to three units, are low for no real reason. According to his research, unless you indulge in more than 13 units, you'll be just fine. Possibly jobless and heavier than you are now, but just fine, all things considered. 

According to The Daily Mail, Dr. Poikolainen has said that "the weight of the evidence shows moderate drinking is better than abstaining and heavy drinking is worse than abstaining – however the moderate amounts can be higher than the guidelines say."

Fellow doctors and scientists are already contradicting his claims and warning against listening to them, saying they're by no means soundly proven and could result in serious harm.

For what it's worth, we think enjoying everything in moderation is the safest bet.