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Discover Basecamping - the new exciting travel trend you need to try out asap!

There’s a new trend for all would-be jetsetters looking to inspire serious FOMO (that’s Fear Of Missing Out) in their legions of Instagram followers, and it’s called basecamping. For all the basics out there, basecamping is not your parents’ base camping. Case in point: the travel doc reality series put out by the team at travelbasecamp.com, offering an alternative and affordable style of traveling with friends -- not roughing it in a tent, but without taking the stereotypical pre-packaged luxury resort route either. It’s the best of both worlds.
Obviously, nobody wants to feel like a “tourist” when they’re on vacation. Tourists are the worst. Basecamping is a way of traveling that combines substance and style: busting out of the tourist bubble and into the real nitty gritty of a different culture, interacting with the locals to seek out the best of the best, leading travelers down their own paths that typical tour guides wouldn’t be privy to. Basecampers are game for anything — tracking down waterfalls in the rainforest, hitting up nightlife… How about going home with fresh ink from a seedy tattoo parlor in Playa Del Carmen?
Probably the biggest pro to this trend is that basecamping does not mean going without cushy accommodations. It’s about hacking the all-inclusive resort concept to take advantage of the security and keeping the logistics simple for even novice travelers, but leaving the suitcases, beds and TVs behind and making totally original memories. With a bit of Google-fu, it’s super easy to travel choose-your-own-adventure style, then kick back at the hotel when you’re all partied out. Lounging poolside? Yawn. Cannonballing into a cove in Cancun? Or a game of rugby on a tropical beach? Yes, please.