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Have you ever seen Tibetan monks breakdancing? [VIDEO]

This dance is meant to honor the famous Adam Yauch who suddenly passed away at the age of 47 after a three-year battle with cancer.
For those of you who are wondering who this man is, Adam was a film director, a human rights activist, but was perhaps best known as a founding member of famous hip hop group The Beastie Boys.
Two years after his death, a group of men dressed as monks showed off an elaborate breakdance routine in his memory in the heart of Union Square Park.
MCA (Adam Yauch’s nickname) was also a loyal Tibetan Buddhist, creator of the Free Tibet concert series and a great man who deserves to be honored, according to these four breakdancers. They certianly offered New Yorkers an awesome show, which was a beautiful way to remember the rapper - tha's for sure!