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#UnethicalHacks can help make you a better bad person - win!

Photo credit : unethicalhacks.com
#UnethicalHacks can help make you a better bad person - win!
A site dedicated to life hacks for an unethical world? We're intrigued.

Introducing unethicalhacks.com, a website whose sole purpose is to help make you a more efficient, smarter, better bad person with brilliant life hacks to up your unethical game.

Admittedly, some of the suggestions and schemes go a little too far and are a tad too intense (and time consuming) for us to ever want to try - legal tax evasion is crossing some sort of line, right? - but others are simple and kind of perfect and oh, so tempting. *cue internal struggle*

Ever wanted to ensure a great room at a hotel?

Ever wanted to get free stuff from Amazon?

Ever wanted to execute the perfect dine and dash?

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