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Shame Sheet. Your Most Embarrassing Moments on Display: World Pride Edition

What was once a march of freedom and liberation has become one of the largest festivals in North America, and another big old reason to get ruined in the summer. Not that Toronto's Pride isn't still vitally important to both the local and global LGBT community, because it is. Even though Canada is an amazing and safe place for the community to live, we remain a beacon of hope to those who cannot even leave the house as their true selves without fear of persecution and death... by the own government. That being said, they moved Pride a few years ago to piggy-back on Canada Day so we'd have a recovery day so they know what's up.

Because I am an on-air person at 103.9 PROUD FM, the world's first LGBT radio station, I have always experienced a different kind of pride. I don't want it to sound like I am responsible and sober the entire time, because I am not, I am however on stage and on mic a lot so my shames are a great deal more public than most. My very first year at Pride I was asked to host their largest stage during their largest show a few minutes before the event started, and 21 year old Chrissy was pretty scurred. But I put on my big girl pants and ran out on stage, only to come across a puddle of water and fall flat on my face.

The Big Outing:
Coming out of the closet is such an personal journey that no one should be pushed into, but If you're gonna do it Pride is a pretty awesome catalyst. "Brad" had been struggling with his sexuality for a few years and upon moving away for college, came to terms with that fact that he was in fact gay. Not ready to tell anyone his friend dragged him to Toronto for the big Pride Parade to give him a bit of inspiration and although that didn't happen, it did get the job done.

While watching the parade from the side "Brad" caught the eye of one of the male models who picked him up and carried him into the parade. Unfortunately "Brad" forgot the entire parade is broadcast on CP24 and a lot of his family was watching, when he finally finished the parade he found a text message from his mum that simply said "I love you". #tear

Dress You Up In My Love...

Pride and playing "dress up" have been a trend that goes all the way back to the Village People and the dawn of the Gay Liberation Movement, and to this day Pride is lousy with both real and fake Police Officers, EMS Officers, Firemen and Lumberjacks... all the sexy ones. "Savannah" is what you call a "Pride Tourist" because she travels all the way to Toronto every year to experience the festivities.

One evening after a long few days of binge drinking her and her girlfriends stumbled upon what looked like a village person, so they coaxed him to do the "Y-M-C-A", and after he agreed there was no turning back. The girls got pushier and pushier until finally "Savannah" ripped open his uniform to "check out his bod". Much to her fear, this man was a real Police Officer who just happened to have a moustache and be in a dancing mood.

Baby Got Back:
Beyond liberation and freedom, Pride also provides a great number of excuses to "take it off" as it were. At many events troughout the week and weekend you can score some cashish by going up on stage and whipping out one body part of another. "Brodie" is a self-confessed 'gym bunny' and is very proud of his body, and therefore is not afraid to take part in the "best...." competitions surrounding pride.

After a day of hitting the street fair and swiping all the swag he could get his mitts on, a bunch of his friends went to a local bar for the "Best A$$" contest. With a prize of 500 dollars and some new underwear, "Brodie" was up on stage before the drag queen could ask for volunteers. They counted him down and he confidently dropped his undies, but his bum was not met with the reaction he expected. Silence, followed by an eruption of laughter. Still confused he pulled up his pants and walked off stage and sat down where his friend informed him that some of the chocolate he had grabbed earlier had melted through his back pocked and stained his cheeks and underwear, painting a very pretty picture.

If you want to share you shameful story, shoot us a line to editing@dose.ca. Happy World Pride!