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UFO sighting in Ontario: Should we be worried? *Puts on tin foil hat* [VIDEO]

Some bro somewhere in Ontario recorded a ''UFO sighting'', as you can see for yourself in the video above.

We actually think the dude just spotted a trio of drones or Chinese lanterns hovering in our nice Canadian sky, but what do we know?

We also think this UFO enthusiast might have been high or drunk - or both? - at the time. We're basing this assumption on his apparent struggle to talk normally and on these exquisite quotes:

''They're under attacking me, gotta go!'' Under attacking you?

''I saw them, can you saw them?''  Trouble with verb tenses, buddy?

''They spotted me, they're coming to get my anus'.' Very mature.
At least the guy now has a cool July 1st story to tell. Anywho, it totally reminded us of this happy fellow...