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Tim McGraw, Jason Biggs and Justin Bieber land in our MORNING QUICKIES

Photo credit : @thetimmcgraw
Tim McGraw, Jason Biggs and Justin Bieber land in our MORNING QUICKIES
Tim McGraw slaps female fan during concert
TMZ has gotten hold of a video showing how Tim McGraw “ferociously slapped a woman in the face during a concert Sunday after she appeared to slap his junk”. The country star was performing in Atlanta at Aaron's Amphitheatre when he walked out into the crowd and a woman grabbed onto his leg and wouldn't let go, so he... did what any grown man would do? He slapped her. And he slapped her HARD. Who knew country stars could be so rough?!

Jason Biggs pisses off world with Malaysia Airlines 'joke'
Soon after news broke of the tragic Malaysia Airlines crash yesterday, Jason Biggs took to Twitter with a 'joke', which really set people off. Showing all kinds of poor taste, Biggs wrote: "Anyone wanna buy my Malaysian Airlines frequent flier miles?"

Faced with backlash, he struck at the haters, trying to prove THEM wrong, before eventually caving in and apologizing with this message. Too little too late?

Bieber's alleged underage drinking could have club in trouble
Justin Bieber and Chris Brown partied at Hollywood’s Bootsy Bellows (which is co-owned by David Arquette) and now, the club is in serious trouble, as photos have surfaced of the Biebs allegedly knocking back a beer. The club is allowed to admit minors under 21 because it serves food, but not allowed to serve them alcohol. The California Dept. of Alcoholic Beverage Control is now investigating the incident.