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10 minutes - on paper - with Stefan Sagmeister in anticipation of CAMP Festival

Photo credit : Stefan Sagmeister
10 minutes - on paper - with Stefan Sagmeister in anticipation of CAMP Festival
We talked to you about the CAMP Festival not too long ago, which is coming to Calgary on September 8-9 to celebrate technology, art and design. Stefan Sagmeister, one of the most well-known graphic designers of our time, will hold a workshop on "How to touch someone's heart with design" on Sunday, September 7 as part of CAMP and we caught up with him - on paper - for a quick chat about love and happiness.

Ultimately, the thing that makes you the happiest is?
S: Falling in love. 
Walsh did an experiment on love that got her a lot of media attention. Did you have any part in it? In the shadows…
S: Our studio has long been interested in figuring out how to use the language of graphic design for more personal expressions, outside of the world of advertising and promotion. Having said this, this was really Jessica's project. She asked my opinion here and there. 

What do you admire most in people?
S: Empathy. Thankfulness. Humility.

Draw one thing you are proud of.
S: The book for Deitch Projects we just completed after 7 years of work. 

A perfect design for you is...
S: Something that either helps or delights other people.

Name three persons you think could change anyone’s life for the best.
S: James Turrell. Brian Eno. Danny Hillis. 

Draw your most favorite thing to draw:
S: My dad's watch.

In your latest exhibition, The Happy Show, you included Siskiyou - Pull It Away, and it seems like everyone that was leaving the show left with a smile on their face and this song stuck in their head. Did you expect the song to sit so well with people? Is music an important player in the making of your happiness?

S: We selected it VERY carefully. There are not that many songs that you can hear for hours (many people stayed that long in the exhibit) and still love whats running on a 90 second loop. And yes, I have thought as music as the art form that has the quickest shortcut to the heart, the one that truly can cut through to an emotional center. 

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