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Songwriter behind Rebecca Black's 'Friday' returns with 'Cupcakes' *cringe* [VIDEO]

Photo credit : patomuzic
Songwriter behind Rebecca Black's 'Friday' returns with 'Cupcakes' *cringe* [VIDEO]
Patrice Wilson, the songwriter (we use that term very loosely) behind Rebecca Black's 'Friday' and Alison Gold's 'Chinese Food', is back with Gina Naomi Baez's 'Cupcakes' and we never thought we'd say this, but we'd rather listen to 'Friday'.

Black was the original, so we could tolerate her tune for the terribly awesome viral sensation it was. Gold had the quirky follow-up that was to be expected from Wilson and was acceptable thanks to its absurdity.

Unfortunately, the charm has worn off and the producer's latest effort is no longer so bad, it's good - it's just plain bad. Like a dry, bland cupcake with zero frosting and absolutely no sprinkles.