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Kim Kardashian, Frozen and Hilary Duff land in our MORNING QUICKIES

Photo credit : @kimkardashian
Kim Kardashian, Frozen and Hilary Duff land in our MORNING QUICKIES
Kim Kardashian's new book makes perfect sense *gasp*
Rather than pretending to be an 'author' like countless modern-day celebrities, Kim Kardashian has stuck to what she knows best and collaborated with mega publisher Rizzoli to create a coffee table book titled 'Kim Kardashian Selfish'. If you guessed that it's filled with selfies, you're totally right. 

The official description is almost hard to read: "The selfie photography of Kim Kardashian, featuring many never-before-seen personal images from one of the most recognizable and iconic celebrities in the world... Hailed by many (including Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci) as the modern-day personification of Marilyn Monroe, Kim has become a true American icon." How long before it lands in the discount bin? 

Frozen's new sequel is not what you'd expect
That's because before the world gets a second Frozen movie, it's going to get two books - Anna & Elsa #1: All Hail the Queen and Anna & Elsa #2: Memory and Magic - on January 6. 
Random House children's division president Barbara Marcus is quoted by PerezHilton as saying, "We have seen our Disney Never Girls series fill a real niche in the chapter book market, and with the momentum for Frozen only continuing to grow, we knew this was the perfect focus for this new series."

Hilary Duff is 'All About You'
Hilary Duff is back with her latest single, 'All About You', which leaked before its official release last night.

It's definitely a different Duff than the one we remember and, well, we're not sure how we feel about it. Take a listen below - what do you think?