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Redditors share the dumbest questions they've ever had to answer

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Redditors share the dumbest questions they've ever had to answer
The question asked by Reddit user wordswithmagic was simple: What are some dumb questions you have been asked? 

I'm sure you can easily think of something you've been asked that made you scratch your head, even if we've probably all posed a stupid question at one point or another. Still, you can't not laugh or feel ashamed for the people who asked one of the following questions: 

Brunsauce:  I introduced my wife to a temp at work. The temp said "you sort of look alike, is your wife also your sister?"

Them: "Wow, you and your brother look nothing alike."
Me: "That's because we're adopted."
Them: "Really?! Were you brothers before you were adopted?!"
Me: "No, that's why we don't look alike."

Them: oh, are you and your brother twins?
Me: no, we're three years apart.
Them: oh so you're not identical twins then.

pizzaslut101:  I used to work at pizza hut, and I frequently got asked what type of cheese the pepperoni was.

lordjimbob01: I was in a geography class in year 11 and a girl asked me where South Africa was. I pointed to it on a map and she claimed I was just pointing at the country Africa, she was adamant there was an island or country south of Africa called South Africa. I sometimes wonder how she is doing.

masongr: Were dragons before or after dinosaurs?

alumavirtutem: What's the difference between the pumpkin bread and the banana bread?

All of these questions are gold! Thank you, Reddit. Read the full thread HERE