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Taylor Swift loves Tumblr, here's why!

Photo credit : http://imgur.com/gallery/SPWWg
Taylor Swift loves Tumblr, here's why!
The one and only Taylor Swift was seen recently wearing a T-shirt referencing the Tumblr post below, which is nothing less than a picture of Swift and the story of Becky who died after snorting too much marijuana. What the what?! 
Indeed the pop idol recently joined the website and probably found out about Becky's story at the same time. She then proceeded to like the post featuring that glorious picture of her teenaged self wearing a tiara and shortly after, everyone in her fandom went crazy. 

Then this awesome moment happened:
Who would have guessed Taylor has an awesome sense of humor?! 

While we're a little shocked she shared something from Tumblr with the world, we're happy she decided to bring back Becky and did not mentiond T-Swizzles, who's long gone now.