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NASA's Curiosity rover finds ball on Mars - is it really just a rock?

Photo credit : NASA
NASA's Curiosity rover finds ball on Mars - is it really just a rock?
NASA's Curiosity rover has come across and photographed a ball on Mars. While the U.S. space agency and news outlets have explained that the mysterious object, which was found on September 11, is basically a rock, our curiosity has been peaked. Get it? Get it?

“The most likely explanation is that the centimetre-wide sphere is a concretion, formed when minerals seep into the pores of sedimentary rock,” writes the CBC. “When the rock erodes due to wind or water, it leaves the balls of minerals behind and exposed. Similar formations can be found in many places on Earth.”

It could also be a leftover bit from a meteorite, according to scientists. But even if all that makes sense, there are still folks who aren’t so sure that this is just a plain rock. We can't help but speculate, either.

After the image was posted on Reddit, full_of_stars made this rather valid point: "Until we actually go there and explore a little more directly, the idea that a martian child accidentally left this outside after being called in to dinner is the most likely reason for it's existence. Oh sure, it can apparently happen naturally, but in the realm of stuff that happens, this almost sounds more natural than geology."

What do you think it is?