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Top 5 reasons to swap your dorm room for your parents’ house this weekend

Admit it: Sometimes it’s nice to leave university behind and go home for the weekend, especially once you’ve spent enough time apart to really miss your family and hometown friends.
Take a break from studying (don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone) and head home without breaking the bank thanks to VIA Rail’s student fares. Believe it or not, if you’re 25 or younger, you can travel between, say, Montreal and Toronto for just 40 bucks thanks to the  20/20 Discount-Card.  For only $20 you will save up to 20% on Economy and Economy Plus fares and 10% on our best fare, the Escape fare for one year with the 20/20 Discount card.#WIN
To tempt you, here are five reasons why you should seriously consider trading in your dorm room for your parents’ house this weekend:
See Your Loved Ones
Skype is fine, but whether you want to admit it or not, seeing your loved ones on a tiny screen is just not the same as getting to hug them and tease them in person.

Hello, Homemade Meal
Microwaveable soup and takeout food are delicious and all, but if you need a nourishing boost and your pants are starting to feel a little tight, your favorite home-cooked meal is just what the doctor ordered. 
Studying? What Studying?
No one will be able to fault you for putting books on the backburner in exchange for some good ol’ family time. Especially since you’ll already have finished your work on the train with all the free Wi-Fi. Yes!

Roommate(s) Break
Sure, sure, you love your roommate(s), but if their cello practice is finally starting to get on your nerves, this is the perfect way to avoid a massive breakdown.

Clean Clothes
Why trek into unknown territory to do laundry when you can clean your precious clothes in the warm, inviting environment of your home? Bonus: Maybe mom’ll help! Extra Bonus: It might even be folded for you. *gasp*

Convinced? We thought so. Book your VIA Rail tickets and benefit student fares now by heading HERE!