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These drawings of Redditors' movie title typos are absolutely glorious

Photo credit : @austindlight
These drawings of Redditors' movie title typos are absolutely glorious
Redditor austindlight spent all month drawing Reddit's movie title typos” and boy, are we glad he had all that free time and was so determined to complete his mission because the results are spectacular. In fact, they’re beyond spectacular – THEY’RE THE BEST THING WE’VE SEEN ONLINE ALL DAY.

Mixing plenty of humor with actual drawing skills, austindlight drew out a different title each day and arrived at a set of sketches worthy of their own exhibit and ongoing Instagram series. You can tell he put a lot of effort into each one and he even went as far as to include a synopsis full of LOLz for each image. Here's hoping he just keep on going! 

Now, it's time to check out our five faves (mind you, narrowing the list down was no easy feat):

Harry Otter
A young boy finds out who, and what, he is. Magic ensues.


A boy finds a jewelry clad alien who speaks exclusively in aggressive yet well-meaning catchphrases.

Star Wars: A New Hoe
A farm boy, who apparently farms sand, fulfills his destiny and becomes the first farmer to do the kessel run in 12 parsecs.

Ron Man

A disgruntled government employee builds a robo suit in his garage to help him stop the government he works for from getting any more work done.

The Fat and the Furious

After a bunch of thugs steal his sweet car, Jerry spirals into a vicious rage eating depression. He gets super ripped for the sequel though.

BONUS!!! Twilight: New Moo
A young man tries to win a girl's heart with his new found bovine transformation skill. It doesn't go his way.

See the entire month-worth of sketches HERE! DO. IT.