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Beyonce's homemade '7/11' video is all about booty and dorky humor [VIDEO]

Photo credit : Beyonce
Beyonce's homemade '7/11' video is all about booty and dorky humor [VIDEO]
Beyonce’s releasing a Platinum Edition version of her self-titled album on November 24, which is set to include brand new tracks, like ‘7/11’, as well as remixes (including a take on ‘Drunk In Love’ that features Jay Z AND Kanye West), a Mrs. Carter World Tour DVD and more.
Soon after ‘7/11’ hit the Web, Queen Bey delivered a homemade video for the song, which sees her and some dancers partying it up inside a hotel room, in the hallway and on the balcony. Some think it might actually be Bey’s house - your call!
A lot of the footage seems to have been shot by Beyonce herself (you can indeed spot her holding a camera) and it’s a breath of fresh air compared to some of her iconic high budget videos. The fact that it's so personal actually makes it more special than a lot of her other vids.
Full of dorky humor, which includes Bey singing into a blow dryer, fun and, of course, sexiness, '7/11' is pretty damn great. The wardrobe is also a nice touch, as it's more about knee-highs and a Kale sweater than a sultry designer getup. (Yeah, she looks amazing in anything.)
Look out for a Blue Ivy cameo, too, and a split-second shot of Jay Z. You might have to watch the video a few times to catch them, but you were probs going to do that anyway.